Integration SuccessFactors

Employee Central – External payroll provider

Are you currently using or going to use SuccessFactors Employee Central, but not planning to replace your current payroll provider or application? Nextmoves can build an integration between SuccessFactors Employee Central and your payroll provider.

Whether you are using SAP HCM, NMBRS, RAET, ADP Workforce, ADP Streamline or a different payroll provider: Nextmoves has developed the tools to offer everything needed to guarantee a successful end result.

For various customers we've already built a payroll integration from scratch, together with the customer and the payroll provider. Experience has taught us that our approach ensures the perfect integration. As a customer, your wishes are heard and together with your payroll provider we will secure the data transfer.

Various tools we use include Dell Boomi, SAP HANA Cloud Platform (previously HCI) or SAP PI, always using the best suitable option for each specific scenario.

For more information about External payroll integration, please contact us via of via +31 852 733 029.

Integration SuccessFactors - Employment Agencies

SuccessFactors – Employment Agencies Integration (SETU Standard)

Are you registering temporary workforce in your SuccessFactors system? Now you can use the Nextmoves solution to integrate SuccessFactors with your employment agency. This solutions uses SETU Standards (, used by the leading employment agencies.

How does it work?

  1. The employment agency registers employee data (temporary workforce)
  2. Employee data is sent to SuccessFactors
  3. The employment agency registers the deployment of an employee and the related data
  4. Deploymentdata is sent to SuccessFactors
  5. Employee enters time in the Timesheet within SuccessFactors and this is sent for approval
  6. Approved hours are sent to the employment agency
  7. The employment agency calculates the salary (and surcharges in applicable) and creates the invoices
  8. The employee are compensated and the invoices are sent to the hirer
  9. The hirer can run reports in SuccessFactors to compare invoice(s) with hours


  • Retyping data is no longer needed and possible margin for error is reduced
  • Employment agency and SuccessFactors continuously have up to date data

Integratie SuccesFactors – Declaree

Integratie SuccesFactors – Declaree

Nextmoves biedt een volledige integratie met de declaratie oplossing van Declaree. De ingediende en goedgekeurde declaraties worden direct op de juiste salariscomponenten in SuccessFactors geboekt en de declaratie in Declaree wordt afgesloten. Hierdoor worden de declaraties direct verwerkt en meegenomen in de betalingen (goed mogelijk met onze SuccessFactors - Externe payroll provider oplossing!).

Het is met deze oplossing ook mogelijk om aan te geven welke medewerkers meegenomen moeten worden in de integratie met Declaree. Wellicht dat de externe medewerkers, die wel in SuccessFactors opgenomen zijn, geen gebruik dienen te maken van Declaree. Dit is door 1 druk op de knop aan te geven, ook voor eventueel nieuwe medewerkers.

Als tooling maken we gebruik van Dell Boomi, SAP HANA Cloud Platform (voorheen HCI) of SAP PI, altijd met het oog op datgene dat voor uw situatie het meest geschikt is.

Integration SAP HCM - SuccessFactors

Talent Hybrid Integration SAP Add-on

Do you use SAP HCM as your core HR system for recording employee data, organizational structure, time registration and payroll? And do you use SuccessFactors as a solution for your Talent Management processes? Then you can use the Talent Hybrid Integration solution from SAP, where data is exchanged between SAP HCM and SuccessFactors.

SAP has made an add-on available for this. This add-on (Integration Add-On 3.0 SP02 for SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors HCM Suite) is installed in the SAP HCM core system and therefore the integration between SAP HCM and Successfactors can be configured for the scenarios desired by your organization:

  • Employee data: Employee data is sent from SAP HCM to SuccessFactors as a basis for Talent Management
  • Recruitment & Selection: Information on available positions can be sent from SAP HCM to SuccessFactors in order to create job openings in SuccessFactors
  • Recruitment & Selection: Data from applicants are sent to SAP HCM to convert applicants into staff
  • Compensation & Variable remuneration: Relevant salary data are sent to SuccessFactors from SAP HCM as the basis for Compensation planning. After completing the Compensation planning process, new salary data are returned to SAP HCM for payroll processing.
  • Qualification data: The qualification catalog and qualification history of employees can be sent to SuccessFactors from SAP HCM. Changes in qualifications are sent to SAP HCM from SuccessFactors

    Side-by-Side SAP Add-on Integration

    Do you have an SAP HCM system that invested in the organization of company-specific processes? But do you also want to use an innovative Cloud solution for your HR processes? Then SuccessFactors Employee Central with a side-by-side integration scenario is a good choice. That way you have SAP HCM and SuccessFactors side by side in your HT / IT landscape.

    SuccessFactors Employee Central with side-by-side integration scenario is particularly attractive in the following cases:

    • If you as a company have a slow / gradual transition to the cloud.
    • If you do not want to lose developments in SAP HCM, but want the benefits of a cloud solution.
    • If some parts / countries of your company continue to work with SAP HCM, but other parts / countries are looking for a cloud HR solution. Due to the side-by-side scenario, global reports are still possible.
    • Acquisitions of new companies. Adding new companies to your current SAP HCM environment is costly. Setting up new companies in SuccessFactors Employee Central is cheaper and faster and with the side-by-side scenario, global reports are still possible.

      In the side-by-side scenario, various interfaces are set up between SuccessFactors and your SAP HCM system. Available interfaces that are delivered as content by SuccessFactors are:

      • Employee replication
      • Cost center replication
      • Organization Management replication

SAP HCM integration

SAP HCM - Health Service (SIVI standard)

You want to send your sick leave data in SAP HCM automatically to your own health and safety service, according to the SIVI standard? That is possible! With the Nextmoves Health Service interface.

The SIVI leave of absence standard has been developed to be able to exchange leave of absence data efficiently between employees and health and safety services. This absenteeism standard specifies how and which data must be minimal, and the maximum may be exchanged between the employer and the occupational health service.

Nextmoves has developed an interface with which we can retrieve your employees and leave of absence data from SAP HCM and exchange them with the SIVI leave of absence standard with your own occupational health and safety service. We support all standard messages:

  • Employee information
  • Employer data basic registration
  • Failure notifications
  • Service contracts
  • Documents
  • Appointments
  • Return notifications

    Interested? Contact Nextmoves for an appointment via the contact information on our contact page.