Digital Personnel File

Ensure a clear, digital and secure recording of all documents related to employees within the organization and comply with GDPR regulations. Setup a folder structure according the organizational guidelines with relevant document types.

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SAP HR digital personnel file

Document Generator

Generate documents by using existing Microsoft Word templates with information gathered directly from SAP SuccessFactors. Determine who can generate which documents via authorizations (RBP), to ensure that all layers within the organization have access to a specific set of documents. With all this, the first big step can be set towards a paperless office.

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sap successfactors document generation

Flexible Budgets

Empower employees to make flexible choices in their terms of employment. This is an ever increasing desire of workforce. Which can be realized with Flexible Budgets.

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successfactors flexible budgets

Learning Request Form

Request learning courses which are not available within the SAP SuccessFactors Learning catalog. Manage the entire process with customizable workflows to review and process the request form.

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Learning Request Form SuccessFactors

Illness Management

Offer support to those involved in the absenteeism process regulated by the Dutch government, with clear recording and monitoring of all activities which are crucial to comply with the Dutch laws and regulations.

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Illness Management SAP SuccessFactors