Document Generator

Suitable for: SAP SuccessFactors

The Nextmoves Document Generator enables you to generate documents in Microsoft Word ® or PDF-format ®. The Document Generator retrieves information from SAP SuccessFactors and merges the selected employee data into the document. Documents can be downloaded, sent by e-mail or stored in the Nextmoves Digital Personnel File in a fast and simple way. Generated documents can be sent to a provider for digital signing* including a workflow.

The Nextmoves Document Generator also works with events within SAP SuccessFactors, where documents are automatically generated and stored based on a completed process or workflow within SAP SuccessFactors. Effectively creating a fully automated document flow from start to finish and eliminating any paper used in the process.

Nextmoves’ Document Generator enables you to:

  • Easily manage and store organisation specific template documents;
  • Use existing template documents that have been created in Microsoft Word ®, including organisation stationery design;
  • Quickly and accurately generate documents based on these template documents and employee data from SAP SuccessFactors;
  • Connect document templates to events in SAP SuccessFactors, to automate the document generation process even further;
  • Store generated documents directly into the Nextmoves Digital Personnel File;
  • Send documents via email to the process owner or the employee;
  • Apply authorizations to document templates which enables employees and managers to generate documents themselves.

All the features of the Nextmoves Document Generator use the Role Based Permissions in SAP SuccessFactors.

The Nextmoves Document Generator is available as an SAP SuccessFactors Extension (Cloud) and is developed on the SAP Cloud Platform.

* The Nextmoves Document Generator comes with a standard integration with DocuSign, ValidSign and SigningHub. It is also possible to link to other providers for digital signing. A subscription with one of the providers is needed to be able to use digital signing.

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