Core HR

Employee Central

Employee Central is a employee record system hosted in the cloud. It can be expanded with a Cloud Payroll solution or integrated with your current payroll provider. All changes to the master data and mutations in payroll related data is entered in Employee Central. Only the payroll itself takes place via the payroll software. Employee Central comes with more than 58 supported countries and in 35 languages.

Employee Central Payroll

Employee Central Payroll is an international payroll module hosted in the cloud. Nextmoves is able to implement and support Employee Central Payroll both locally as internationally. If desired, your payroll processes can be outsourced to us.


Nextmoves Human Capital Innovation develops extensions to align the software with your processes. We develop extensions for both SuccessFactors as the traditional SAP HCM on premise solutions. With our solutions we optimize your processes and prevent redundancies. .

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Talent Solutions


HR Professionals need support to optimize their recruitment process in order to attract the best talent out there. Our solution for recruitment includes a full service marketing platform including user friendly tools for social media and mobile applications. This recruitment platform enables companies in finding the best suitable candidate, increases the engagement of candidates and to analyze the result of recruitment campaigns.


Onboarding is to start enabling new employees from the moment the offer is accepted, but haven’t started yet. Via onboarding information such as required certifications or documents which need to be sent, a laptop that needs to be ready, a registration for introduction and training can be arranged. Onboarding includes the complete integration process for new hires into an organization.


Employees differ in their way of learning new information. SuccessFactors Learning delivers a mix of formal, informal, social and extensive learning capabilities. Our holistic learning solution offers content management, reporting and analytical possibilities, with which you can combine data about education, work and employee performance in order to optimize the efficiency of your learningprocesses.

Performance & Goals

Goal management ensures that everyone understands where the company is aiming to go, and that their own role and performance contribute to the success of the company. By visualizing workflows and goals and provide tools to strengthen those goals and the progress, SuccessFactors Goal Management helps your employees to operate as a team.


Well designed and executed compensation strategies, including rewarding accomplishments, can make the difference between retaining fantastic employees and serious under performance. With SuccessFactors Compensation you are able to optimize your budget fast and easy, and create a clear connection between accomplishments and rewards.

Succession & Development

Robust, proactive succession planning can secure the continuity when a important employee leaves the organization or is promoted to a different function. By enabling organizations to continuously identify talent on every job level, to develop and retain, SuccessFactors can contribute towards a strong and balanced employee base.

Analytics Solutions

Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics helps organizations to identify trends, understanding subliminal causes and variables and to decide on how to act. We combine important talent data with information from third party software, creating a full view of the employee base. By using generated data and reported created via Workforce Analytics, organizations can act with trust with strategic employee initiatives are developed.

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is getting more and more important now that the population is aging and the chance of a shortage on talent is a risk. Effective planning tools such as SuccessFactors Workforce Planning can enable companies to plan the retention course of employees, so that the company always has access to the right talent to execute the company strategy.