Verzuim & Poortwachter

Suitable for: SuccessFactors and SAP HCM

Nextmoves Verzuim & Poortwachter enables organizations to digitally support the illness process within SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors. With Verzuim & Poortwachter, we offer support to those involved in the absenteeism process regulated by the Dutch government. Verzuim & Poortwachter provides support for the entire absenteeism process as described in the Dutch Poortwachter law. From the registration of absenteeism to submitting the mandatory forms. It proactively notifies about upcoming deadlines and it generates the necessary documents* on request.

Verzuim & Poortwachter enables organizations to:

  • Administrate absenteeism, complying with Dutch laws and regulations (vangnet)
  • Keep track of Poortwachter files
  • Access historical information and Poortwachter files
  • View extensive reports (SAP SuccessFactors version)
  • Generate documents*
  • Download complete Poortwachter files
  • Create Poortwachter reports containing an overview of all activities
  • Proactively send notifications

All the features of Nextmoves Verzuim & Poortwachter use the Role Based Permissions in SAP HCM or SAP SuccessFactors. Verzuim & Poortwachter is available as an add-on for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors Extension (Cloud).!overview

* – To be able to generate templates from the Nextmoves Verzuim & Poortwachter solution, the Nextmoves Document Generator is required and additional costs for this could apply.

Security test Nextmoves Verzuim & Poortwachter
Nextmoves Verzuim & Poortwachter has been extensively tested. This test was conducted by a company specialized in the security of online applications. This company tested if the application could be approached without the proper authorizations, if the assigned authorizations could be overruled and if SQL-injections could be executed. Our solution passed these tests with flying colors!

“During the penetration test, it wasn’t possible to gain unauthorized access to the application or to act outside of the limited access rights.”

The penetration test was executed following the OWASP v3 guidelines and the PTES (Penetration Testing Execution Standard) framework.

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